Constipation Session

Constipation can be irritating at best and life-threatening at worst. It is usually caused by a combination of physical and energetic issues. 

This session is both a class AND a session. We cover a number of physical interventions that can help, as well as address the energetic components of constipation. 

It is my personal opinion that basically all human beings have trouble letting go. It's part of what makes us human. Part of the "natural man." 

If you've ever watched little kids having to transition what they are doing, a lot of times it can be an UGLY thing. Tell a kid it's time to stop painting and go wash their hands, and AH! It's the END OF THE WORLD! Stopping and starting things, letting one thing go to receive another, can be hugely difficult for little children. 

But it can be difficult for us as adults, too. 

Have you ever had that experience, where you have had to release something you really didn't want to let go of, maybe not knowing if the replacement would be better?  For me, I'm thinking of a few years ago, when I felt that God was calling me to repentance about some personality flaws that I THOUGHT were actually part of my core personality. I had no concept of myself without those mindsets and attitudes. But God was telling me to give them up. 

I was TERRIFIED to let go of my entire self-concept and open myself up to a new one. But God is smarter than me so I always listen to Him when I feel like He's trying to say something to me. So I did my best to just let go and relax into the process. 

It was excruciating. It was like giving birth, or like releasing a huge load of toxins. 

At the end of the process, my third eye opened and I was suddenly highly intuitive. 

But I had to release a LOT before I had the space in my energy field to do and to BE someone else. 

Every single day, our bodies invite us to release and let go of the past, in microcosm. That is what the end zone of the digestive system is all about. Can we easily release the past--even the past that was just yesterday? Or just this morning? To make way for something different, something better? 
 trust issuesThe big trouble is, of course, that for many of us, we have had an experience of letting go of something we cared about, and we did NOT feel we got something better. 

Has that happened to you? 

You felt like you were supposed to give up X or stop Y, and then––things got worse instead of better. What the heck, right?? Why is THAT fair? How does THAT happen? 

When we have experiences like that, it can be devastating spiritually, but also physically. When we learn that it isn't safe to let go, that we can't trust that something better or just as good will come.... that's devastating. 

Where in your emotions are you afraid of letting things go? Why are you afraid? 

Is there any chance your body is dealing with this on a physical level? 

This Constipation Session is both a class and part session. Because constipation can be BOTH a physical body problem and a spiritual problem, this session is recommended for everyone who considers themselves to have trouble letting things go--or who has a family history of people with trouble letting things go. 

Hoarding, trouble with lots of clutter, grudge-holding, and those sorts of things may be positively affected by this session. 

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