Considering Divorce

If you're reading this, I'm guessing it's because you are currently considering divorce––or you've thought about it in the past. And I just want to say: I'm so sorry. 

No one wakes up one day and says, "gee, I think it would be fun to get divorced!" 

Divorce is hugely traumatic––but when it happens, it's typically because divorce is actually less traumatic than staying married. 

So I'm sorry you've had trauma in your marriage. I'm sorry that life circumstances have brought you to this point. 😭💕

Marriage is meant to be beautiful, intimate, safe. When we experience trauma in the context of marriage, it is devastating. When marriage is the bedrock of a couple and/or a family, and that bedrock starts to erode––what could hurt more? 

And the decision! Do you uproot your family? Do you deal with custody issues? How bad are things, really? How will you explain it to the world, your parents, your friends, your kids, your self

Even though divorce is increasingly common, so many people report how isolating the divorce process and experience is. Like the world is made for happily married people, and if your marriage ends in divorce––where do you fit in? 

This session is specifically designed for people who are currently considering divorce, or who have previously considered divorce and who are still working to heal from the considering process. Even just the process of considering divorce is traumatic, even if you don't go through with it. Sometimes because you don't go through with it. 

I know that money is a huge struggle when it comes to issues surrounding divorce. This session is very reasonably priced but if you seriously cannot afford even the payment plan, please contact me directly at and ask about a scholarship. 

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