I created this session selfishly––because my own potty-trained toddler suddenly started refusing the potty! I had thought of lots of "normal" solutions, like putting her back in diapers, but then I thought: I should really do some energy work on this issue. 

So this is a group session on Potty Problems! The intention is that it will help anyone who is struggling to use a potty appropriately, regardless of age or circumstance. 

This session deals with both potty resistance (just not wanting to go potty), and body listening (noticing when the body has a potty need), along with potty trauma that needs to be resolved. 

This is a session I recommend doing for yourself first, even if you don't personally have potty problems of your own, just to help clear out anything residual from your childhood and ancestry. Then it is good to go through and do the session over again by proxy for your loved one who is having potty problems. 

This session is currently available by donation, which I reserve the right to change at any time! I hope you enjoy it!

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