Word of the Year

Hi! Are YOU ready to receive your "Word of the Year?" 

People LOVE to have a Word of the Year around the New Year--this is a word that encapsulates your goals and dreams for the upcoming year, in a way that kind of transcends traditional New Year resolutions or goals. Instead of setting goals that you might fail at by the end of January, with a word as your guide, you can step forward into the future using that single concept as a light on your journey. 

Many people select their own Word of the Year, and that is great! I support this 100%! Of course, trust your own intuition on the word you select! But some people prefer to have some help with this. 

For several years now, I have personally done Word of the Year Sessions for people. What I would do is, people would order a session, and I would tune into their energy field and ask what word was their Word of the Year. Then I would write up all my surrounding impressions with the word and send it off! So fun!! Many people totally loved this and it became a tradition!! 

These days, I am too busy personally to run the Word of the Year Sessions program, but I teamed up with my Intuition Accelerator students to still make these sessions available to you for 2023. All of these sessions are $40 unless otherwise noted. I invite you to scroll on through the selection of students and see which one jumps out at you! If anyone catches your eye, go ahead and book a Word of the Year Session.... you may totally love it! 

I have LOVED reading what my students have planned for these Word of the Year Sessions this year. They each have a personal spin on it and I couldn't be more excited. Hooray!! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you have an amazing 2023, and I THINK YOU ARE THE BEST!!! LOVE!! 

- allie


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