You Deserve to HEAL

If you have done a lot of healing work and feel like things are not shifting, one contributing factor may be feeling like you don't DESERVE to heal, for whatever reason. This feeling is typically subconscious--meaning that you wouldn't directly be aware of it floating around in you. 

But if you feel like you don't deserve to heal, on any level, that feeling can sabotage your healing very seriously. 

Why would your subconscious mind allow you to heal if it felt that you truly didn't deserve it? That doesn't make sense. And subconscious minds are ALL ABOUT THINGS MAKING SENSE. 

The subconscious mind has to feel that you DO deserve healing. When the subconscious mind agrees that this is what you deserve, it will work with you to make that happen. 

This session digs into issues surrounding feeling like you deserve healing. We clear the blocks to feeling that you deserve to be healed, and then we command the application of previously done healing work that was perhaps rejected by the body due to feeling undeserving. A powerful session.

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