Grounding Session

Welcome! This first video explains the concept of grounding––it is NOT the grounding session! But please watch it anyway because it has information that you will love to know about grounding and how it works. The session is ALSO worth doing, even if you watch this brief introduction to the concept. 

Unless you are brand sparkling new at holistic health, you have probably heard of GROUNDING! Grounding is what we call it when our brain and body are working together, our body and spirit are working together, and our body-mind-spirit are connected to both the heavens and the earth. It is a hugely stabilizing thing to be grounded. 

Grounding is really important for a few reasons. One key reason is SLEEP. People have a HARD time falling asleep if they're not grounded--I explain more about this in the video above. But if you have trouble falling asleep at night, a key reason for that may be that your body is not grounded. 

Grounding is also key for accurate muscle testing and to be able to receive intuitive answers. If you have trouble muscle testing accurately, OR if you have trouble receiving divine revelation--when you pray and don't really feel like you get answers--this may have something to do with it. 

Grounding is also really important to your overall sense of health and stability and solidity. When you are ungrounded, your brain can feel like it's flying around everywhere. Anxious thoughts can easily dominate the ungrounded mind. When you ground, your mind is safely enmeshed with your physical body and you feel very present, in the moment, and safe. Sometimes anxiety stems from nothing more than being ungrounded. 

In the video above, I explain three easy ways to get grounded.... which can work IF your energetic grounding system is functional. 

The problem for many people is that their energetic grounding system is NOT functional. At all. 

What is the energetic grounding system? 

If you've ever tried grounding and it didn't seem to "stick," the reason for that was your grounding system. 

Years ago I thought to ask the Divine WHY people come ungrounded in the first place. I wanted to know the biophysiological reasons here. I had a very detailed vision, a tour, of the human grounding system, which is as detailed and complex a system as is the digestive system or circulatory system. It involved numerous energetic organs that all have to be functional: much like if you're going to digest food, you need a stomach AND intestines AND a liver AND a gallbladder AND they all need to be functional to some extent. If you're going to be grounded, you have 12 energetic organs that need to be functioning to at least some extent. 

If your energetic organs are not functional in that way, no amount of grounding exercises are going to "stick" for you. 

That's why I created this session. You can do 10,000 grounding exercises like the ones in the video above, and they might help for a few minutes or even a few hours, but my goal with this session is to reset your grounding system. I want YOUR grounding system to be functional, thriving, and strong. I want YOU to be able to handle any kind of trauma without coming ungrounded. 

If you have spent significant time both grounded and ungrounded, you know how powerful it is to be fully grounded. When we are grounded, we are truly IN OUR POWER, because our power is IN OUR BODIES. 

So this session is recommended for all human beings. If you order it, I hope you do this session for yourself first, and then any of your children if you have any who are under the age of 18 (if they are older than that, they'll have to do it themselves). I hope you watch this session again on behalf of your ancestors. I hope you use this session to bless SO so many lives, because this is powerful work. 

If you have experienced significant abuse in your physical body--I strongly recommend going through the Healing Ritual Abuse module first: This is true even if you don't consider yourself to have suffered "ritual" abuse. If you've experienced sexual abuse or physical abuse or really devastating emotional abuse, going through that series will help you prepare your spirit to be fully "IN" your body. It can be scary to be grounded if you have experienced big physical body traumas like abuse, so it's good to clear that up first. 

I also recommend scribbling out any resistance to this session, prior to viewing the session. You would write on the paper, "resistance to the grounding session" and follow all the instructions outlined here: 

This session goes hand in hand with the Reset Your Polarity session:

And the Calling Back Your Power session:

Those two sessions are not necessary to being grounded but when combined with this session, they will all supercharge each other. You will see for yourself if you do all three! 

Being grounded is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself... especially because we live in such an ungrounding time. If you feel constantly buffeted by the stress of the outer world: the pandemic, election trauma, the uncertainty of the future, plus the normal every day life stresses of your normal existence, this has the potential to be a huge game-changer for your life. 

NOTE: this session does NOT teach how to heal the grounding system, it just DOES. To learn HOW to heal it for your own clients directly, you will need to take my Intuition Accelerator course. 

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