Intuition Accelerator

Being a healer is not just a calling but a CHOICE. 

If your soul is telling you that you need to heal yourself and help others heal, that is enough. Your desire is the sign that it is something you are capable of. Desire and commitment together are the key to unlocking these SKILLS.


I firmly believe that healing work does not require nearly as much innate talent as people believe.  

When I first started my own healing journey, it's true that I had a leg up when my third eye suddenly became very active. But I didn't know what I was doing. I had to PRACTICE. And I practiced a ton, because it became my obsession to understand the unseen world that I was suddenly seeing. I wanted to know everything about what things were and how they worked and how to fix them when they were broken. 

So I got to work, and I would literally practice my healing work for five and six hours a day.... every single day. 

That is the honest truth to becoming a master. Practice for six hours a day seven days a week and you will make remarkable progress. 

The secret to practicing is that it doesn't have to be fancy. 

I would practice in my closet, in the shower. In the car--to this day, I do tons of healing work while in the car. You can do it standing in line to buy groceries. You can do it WHILE you're living your busy life. 

Because energy work is largely mental, anywhere you can think, you can do healing work. So you seriously can practice for many hours a day, WHILE doing your other activities. If you knew how much work I have completed while doing the dishes! 

This new Intuition Accelerator is designed for people who are feeling the call to honor their own soul's true nature as a healer. 

I've designed 8 weeks of modules that will be broken down into smaller lessons for ease of viewing. 

We will cover all the things I consider to be the ultimate basic principles of healing. 

My goal is not to have you memorize every possible situation and how to heal it. My goal is for you to see how easy it can really be to gracefully handle ANYTHING that comes your way, even if you have never seen it before. 

My goal is for you to fully understand the principles that guide my own healing work. 

Very regularly, things come up in clients that I have never seen before or even imagined could exist. 

And I love this. 

The problem with programs that want you to go by a book, in my opinion, is that they overlook the vast magnitude of things that can go wrong that no human has ever even discovered yet. 

In my work, every week I work with cases like this. And you can too--if you are open to it. 

The fact is that the world needs more healers who can handle anything, not just what's listed in a chart. 

So my focus in this course is on ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Learning HOW TO RECEIVE ANSWERS. We'll be covering the basics of having a functional nervous system and third eye. We'll cover how to clear and remove energies and how to understand the various things that exist in the unseen world parallel to the one we see with our physical eyes. 

But the course doesn't end there. 

I'm going to be honest with you: there is way more healing work that needs to be done than I am equipped to do on my own. 

This is why the last three modules are all about YOUR HEALING WORK--work as in BUSINESS. 

We'll be covering issues surrounding taxes and legalities, getting new clients, managing an email list, accepting payment. We will discuss how to supercharge your income with group work and client nurture. 

And at the end of it, we'll be doing group work on allowing you to step forward on your divine path as a healer. 

This class is PRE-RECORDED with live support in the class Facebook group. 

Past students have said: 

"Changes I noticed in myself from taking this course:

1. I became self-reliant. Before I was always seeking for someone else to tell me what was wrong, how to fix it, how to overcome, how bad it was...and suddenly I had the tools to do things for myself.

2. I gained knowledge. I knew very little about energy work before meeting Allie. I'd been to foot zoners, cranial sacral people, etc. But I didn't understand the details of how it all worked, why it mattered so much, how important lifestyle really was. This course gave me the WHY.

3. I become sovereign. Suddenly I had the knowledge and skill to fight against the unseen world that had been tormenting me my entire life. And now I could be a warrior and a healer and a beacon of light for myself and others. And I wouldn't have used any of those words before, but I KNOW them now. Being able to have the right over your body, and to fight against everything that is against you, to welcome in the energetic framework, boundaries, and structures to keep you safe, functional, and then vibrant--well, it is an amazing transformation.

4. I found possibility and freedom. I didn't realize how much I had defined my life by what had happened to me and that I was not overcoming any of it with all my other efforts of seeking help from practitioners. But here was Allie believing in me, telling me I could do what she did, having me practice and risk with strangers (yes, there is homework!), learning really to manifest for the first time. I found a whole new life waiting for me. And it's been liberating and exciting.

5. I found a calling and a path just for me. I approached this course as something I wanted to do just for me. Allie kept telling me I could do this as a business, but I honestly wasn't interested. I just wanted to help myself, to do what she did for me. To be able to help myself anytime, anywhere, anyhow and stop hiring and trying and waiting for someone else to fix me. The LAST THING I thought would happen is my abilities and interest and desire to expand to wanting to help others. The beauty is, I'm not Allie, and I'm not going to become Allie. I'm ME. I have my own way of doing this. I am progressing at my own pace, in my own timing. And the business and the clientele I am developing is working now, and will expand as I do. And it's incredible.Intuition Accelerator launched me on a journey of self-discovery, of belief, of possibility, of strength, of not being afraid of what's wrong or what's happening or feeling hopeless. I learned so much. And now I am learning so much on my own. I have since discovered how I can personalize/expand her teachings and help myself heal and be protected and have power to act far more than I ever have with any other self-help book or training I've purchased. When I attend an Allie class now, I'm able to stop the recording and ask myself what else needs to be cleared at this time. I read her boundary books, and end up creating all new kinds of things to help and heal me. Because NOW I KNOW HOW!Frankly, this is a class about FREEDOM. It is the best personal investment I've ever done. It has already blessed me and my family, and will continue to do so for the rest of my eternal life. And I am GRATEFUL beyond words for all Allie has done to believe in me, to trust me, to support me, to guide me, and to show me how to be ME. This might sound wild, but now, when I discover something new and hard that is happening in me, I am excited, because I get to LEARN something NEW and overcome something that has been holding me back. That is a life of ABUNDANCE, of HAPPINESS, and of CREATION.Welcome to the new students. Buckle up! You're about to take your life to a whole new level. And you'll NEVER look back. ❤"

- Darla Seamons

"I took Allie's Mentoring Course and was so impressed by the amount and variety of information. Her skills have blessed me in my life, through her personal sessions and even her blog posts and emails, so I wanted to learn more about how she does what she does. As I'm working to develop my skills, I felt impressed to learn more from her. This course is well worth the investment. She is very talented and gifted. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more how to help others heal and live their highest potential." - Deanna K. 

"I participated in Allie’s mentorship a few years ago, and I can’t say enough good things about my experience! Allie is one of the most gifted intuitive healers that I have ever met, and her knowledge and insights have been incredibly invaluable. I was blown away with her teachings. Allie is an incredible mentor as well, because she is so down to earth and relatable. I instantly felt comfortable with her, and the mentorship truly felt more like a collaboration rather than a teacher/student situation. I loved learning and growing and sharing with her and our whole group. I highly recommend Allie’s program!" - Mary M.

"Allie is an amazing teacher!  Allie doesn't just lecture her students, she is willing to hear and answer student's questions, even if the question may seem 'out there'. She is knowledgeable, experienced, approachable, and willing to interact with and work with her students.  I felt safe when asking Allie questions and I felt heard which allowed me to absorb the information that she had to teach in a way that I hadn't been able to before.  Her ability to explain things clearly makes for easy understanding as well as the chance to easily grow in her classes. I feel like I came out of her classes stronger, better, and more capable than when I first started.  I would recommend her classes to anyone looking to take them. She truly is a GEM!" - Nicola M. 

Are you ready to change your life? 

Are you ready to become the healer you were meant to be?

15 Modules

Living By Intuition

In Week 1, we cover an introduction to energy work and the basic principles and ethics--so that we can jump right into HOW TO RECEIVE ANSWERS. We'll cover muscle testing, intuitive calibration, and the theta state.

We will discuss prayer journaling, the theta state, and LIVING BY INTUITION.

We will set BOUNDARIES on the use of our intuition. 

Students will receive a meditation assignment. 

Asking The Right Questions

In Week 2, we discuss how things go right and what can go wrong. We learn how to identify problems so they can be fixed.

It is possible to know nothing about a problem but learn how to fix it in that moment.

We will discuss ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. This week's homework will involve practice asking the right questions and getting answers.

We will also discuss supporting the nervous system. 

Clearing Energies and Removing Blocks

In Week 3 we learn how to clear blocks, resistances, and negative energies. We learn the Embattled City Principle for clearing energies. We discuss tools for removing things that are keeping bodies from healing themselves. 

We discuss how to program bodies to heal themselves. 

In Week 3, we learn THE ANATOMY OF A SESSION, so you can start doing your own full beginner sessions. 

Understanding the Unseen World

In Week 4, we cover energetic anatomy basics. What are the key structures of the unseen world you need to know to be an effective healer? 

We cover chakras, auras, meridians, cords, connections, mechanisms, curses, weapons, wings, blessings, etc-- and the energetic environment. 

We will briefly discuss the concepts of DPR and Life Force Energy Systems. 

Opening the Third Eye

This week will involve a lecture and session on OPENING THE THIRD EYE. This is key to functioning fully as a healer. 

Note: having a functional third eye may look different than you think! 

This week will be part lecture, and part session to help students clear blocks to opening the third eye. 

Your Healing Business

In Week 6, we cover the mechanics of running your healing business. Your priceless email list, pricing, getting new clients, accepting payment. We will work on building self-confidence as a healer. We will discuss niching, specializing--identifying YOUR unique positioning that makes you an ideal healer for your audience. We will cover handling taxes and legalities. 

Doing Group Sessons

In Week 7 we will cover something I have never covered before: working with GROUPS. 

Working with groups can revolutionize your work and your income. When you are limited to only working on one person at a time, your financial income from sessions is limited to how many hours you spend working. 

When you work with groups, you can sell the same program over and over again to many people at once and it still works for everyone who participates, even if you are not there personally involved. 

GROUP WORK is, in my opinion, the only way a healer can make a serious, family-supporting income in the modern world. So I will be teaching my unique methods I personally discovered for group work. 

Beginning the Healer's Journey

In our final lesson, we will have a lecture and session on stepping forward into your role as healer. When you are a healer, you help others heal--but also, you heal YOURSELF. We will discuss and work on issues relating to allowing yourself to step forward into this unique role--so you can be the healer you were meant to be. 

Modules for this product 15

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