START HERE: FREE Energy Work Sessions and Classes

START HERE: FREE Energy Work Sessions and Classes

Come hang out with me and learn how to access your own powerful intuition! Watch some videos, take some notes, ask some questions, and relax into the easy chair of your own magnificence! 

15 Modules

KEY LESSON: Intuitive Calibration

Learn how to use your own breath and body to receive accurate intuitive answers. 

Lesson on TAPPING

Here, I explain what tapping is, and how to do it, and why you would do it. This is a powerful way to shift energy nearly instantly. 

Session: Recovering from the Death of a Loved One

A session to help you in the process of recovering after the death of someone you love.

Session: Healing Your Boundaries

A session to help you establish clear boundaries in your life! 

Lesson: How to get grounded!

Here I explain what grounding is, and give you THREE techniques to ground yourself.

Session: Getting Unstuck

This session is designed for if you've put in a LOT of effort into your healing journey, and you STILL feel stuck!! Come get unstuck! 

KEY LESSON: Scribbling

The "scribbling technique" is one I recommend often to my clients and students. This is a page that will teach you how to do it. Please read the entire thing before trying your first healing scribble!

BONUS: Personal Student Session Booking Link

This is where to get a personal session with one of Allie's Intuition Accelerator students. After you have completed some preliminary work here in the Free Offerings, the link to book with these students unlocks.

Class Guide

Welcome to Intuitive Healing with Allie Duzett!  We've created a class guide to help you view all the classes and where they are listed on the Website.  It has recommendations on it as well to help your healing journey go as smoothly and successfully as possible.  

Here is the link for Google Sheets

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