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Hi there! Welcome to the Free Offerings! We have a LOT going on in here. Once you sign up, you'll be added to my email list, which you can opt out of at any time. But I recommend staying on, because it will guide you through BOTH healing yourself AND learning the tools to help others heal also. Many people loooove my list and say that my emails are a highlight of their day! Yay! 

Here in the Free Offerings, you can get started by going through the Energetic Foundations class, which will walk you through some basics of quantum physics, Chinese medicine, and hands-on healing so you can understand exactly how all these sessions work. 

From there, I have a number of lessons and sessions that are really helpful. You'll work through the wounds you feel from your mother; you'll work through the trauma of losing a loved one, if there have been any deaths in your life that have impacted you. The session called Getting Unstuck is REALLY helpful and one I think everyone should go through, especially if they feel stuck in their life in any way. 

From these Free Offerings, I recommend going through the sessions called You Deserve to Heal, Resetting Your Polarity, the Grounding Session, and Calling Back Your Personal Power, which are all located in the Foundational Sessions. Those four sessions are very foundational to all healing work and you will see for yourself how powerful they are! 

I am so glad you are here! You are going to see for yourself how your life is going to change faster than you ever imagined, in greater ways than you ever imagined!! 

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9 Modules

Session: Healing Your Boundaries

A session to help you establish clear boundaries in your life! 

Class Guide

Welcome to Intuitive Healing with Allie Duzett!  We've created a class guide to help you view all the classes and where they are listed on the Website.  It has recommendations on it as well to help your healing journey go as smoothly and successfully as possible.  

Here is the link for Google Sheets

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