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Check out this video introduction to the FANCY MEMBERSHIPS! 

Every day, I wake up and think: people need access to SO MUCH healing work, and for so many people, even at my super crazy low prices, it is almost impossible for them to access the healing work they truly need. 

This is the solution I came up with! For now, it's a little experimental--we'll try it for a few months and see how we feel about it! 

But this is a monthly membership where for a few dollars a week, you can have unlimited access to over SEVENTY-FIVE of my lower priced sessions. Check out the full list of what is included here

It's like the Netflix of healing! 

I love my sessions because each of my sessions provides the value of several 1:1 talk therapy sessions, so basically every single session is worth several hundred dollars. I price them low not because they are worth $10 each, but because I know so many people out there are doing the best they can and when you have a lot to heal, typically you have a lot of money stuff to heal, too. Keeping my stuff very low priced makes this needed healing work affordable for a lot of people who need it the most. 

But even though my stuff is mostly very low-priced, there is just so MUCH of it that to do 100 sessions, it's still going to cost you like $1000. And that can feel (and actually be) unattainable. 

My goal with this membership is to make the work just that much more accessible to people. For a low monthly rate you can work through as many sessions as you can fit into your life. You don't have to budget out for sessions one by one. You can have a monthly membership, set it and forget it, and just log in and do what you need to do when you need to do it, without breaking the bank. 

Now, this membership does NOT include access to the downloadable audio files. For unlimited access to the sessions, the monthly membership does need to be maintained. You do need internet access to watch the video versions of the sessions. So that is something to keep in mind. 

If you already own a lot of sessions, this membership may not be the best for you... but also, it just might. If there are several sessions here that you don't have, but want to try, this is a great way to try them. 

I already paid for lifetime ownership of this website. This means that even if I die or something, this website should remain active for years and years to come. If you want to flat-out own your sessions forever, you can of course still buy them and you should be able to have access to them for years and years to come, without needing to have a monthly membership forever. If you use this membership and find a session you deeply love, you can still just buy that one session to have forever, or to download the audio for and have that on your phone forever. 

But my hope is that this membership will make healing a LOT more accessible and affordable for people. We'll try it for a few months and see! 

IMPORTANT: New sessions are NOT included in the membership right away. I will be having registration for those as normal and then I plan to add new sessions to the collection after they have been out as stand-alone, a la carte products for over 6 months. So as an example, I have the Blame Session planned for December 4. It will not be included in this membership at first. But in June 2024, when it has been out for six months, it will be added to the membership. So if you can't afford to be in on a live session, no worries. You can just wait for a few months, work through the enormous amount of stuff already included, and then new stuff will be added eventually. 

For unlimited access to over 75 sessions where you get to choose what order to do them in, check out this membership right here. This is where you get to just trust your own intuition and pick the sessions in the order and timing that feels right to you! 

85 Modules

How to Get The Most Out Of Your Sessions

These are instructions on how to get the most out of your session! 

Understanding Scribbling

The "scribbling technique" is one I recommend often to my clients and students. This is a page that will teach you how to do it. Please read the entire thing before trying your first healing scribble!

Tapping Lesson

Here, I explain what tapping is, and how to do it, and why you would do it. This is a powerful way to shift energy nearly instantly. 

Intuitive Calibration Lesson

Learn how to use your own breath and body to receive accurate intuitive answers. 

You Deserve to HEAL

This session is the NUMBER ONE most important session to begin with. You can't heal unless you believe you deserve to heal!

Calling Back Your Personal Power

This session helps you restore the personal power you have given away to other people over your life. 

Resetting Your Polarity Session

In this very important session, we reset the polarity on our personal body's electromagnetic fields so we can receive accurate intuitive information and feel more grounded and aligned within our own bodies. 

Grounding Session

This session will help you get GROUNDED. Grounding is necessary to SLEEP, to feeling solid and stable in your own body, and to accurate muscle testing and intuition. This is a KEY SESSION for every human being! 

Abdominal Support Session

This session is designed to clear negative energy held in the abdominal muscles, fascia, and fat, and help support those tissues in tightening, healing, and supporting YOU.

Accepting Assistance

Do you resist needing help? Have you noticed that people never help you? Would you reject their help even if you offered? Extreme independence is a trauma response, and you don't have to live that way. This session helps heal issues of extreme independence and open up your energy field to receiving assistance both earthly and divine. 

Adrenal Reset Session

This session works on resetting the adrenal glands! 

Ancestral Healing Session

This session is designed to help you clear and heal ancestral trauma. We all carry trauma from our ancestral line. This session will help you heal that trauma and break the chains of dysfunction and false tradition from our family lines. 

Ankle Session

This session is all about the ANKLE.

Birth Trauma Session

All of us have been BORN. Which means all of us carry BIRTH trauma. Some births are more traumatic than others, but all births carry some amount of trauma. Our births start off our lives: it is TIME to start clearing out the trauma from this sacred, impactful life experience! 

Healing Your Boundaries

A session to help you establish clear boundaries in your life! 

Brain Fascia Session

This session focuses on the fascia in your BRAIN--the connective tissue holding your entire brain together! Wow! 

Breech Baby Session

This session is for BREECH BABIES! If you are pregnant and your baby is breech, OR if you were born breech, this session is for YOU! 

Broadcast Signals Lecture and Session

Change how people see you and treat you.  This session clears the energetic "sign" on top of your head that is making people perceive you and react to you the way they do. 

General Childhood Trauma Session

This session is the first in a series designed to address general childhood trauma. Everyone has experienced childhood trauma, and this trauma is formative to our lives on earth. 

Childhood Trauma 2: General Relationships

This session deals with RELATIONSHIP TRAUMA incurred during childhood. This session can be viewed by proxy for your minor children in your legal guardianship after you have completed it for yourself as well.

Chronic Fatigue Sessions

This series recommended both for people with "for real" Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but also people who just could use more energy in their lives. 

Chronic Pain Sessions

If you are dealing with chronic pain of any kind, I highly recommend this series. This would include chronic back pain, kidney pain, knee pain, general pain: any kind of pain. 

This session does not include a video. It is a script that must be read.

Constipation Session

This session deals with both the physical and emotional components of CONSTIPATION. An important session if you have a history of constipation and bowel problems! 

Debt Session

Ready to work on the energy of DEBT? Let's clean out our "debt" energy so we can pay off our real financial debts! 

Accidental Death Session

This is a session on healing from accidental death. Death by injury or accident can lead to massive trauma that affects generations. This session addresses personal and generational effects of accidental death, as well as the energy of the person who died by accident. 

Considering Divorce

This is a session designed to support emotional health during the tough times that come when considering divorce. 

Doing What's Important

This session addresses the ability to TAKE ACTION based on PRIORITIES. 

Healing Disappointment Session

This session addresses and clears emotions of disappointment from the many times our desires, hopes, and expectations have not been met in this life. 

Clearing Election Stress Session

Stressed about an election?  With a lot of things up in the air right now, we may have a bit of an emotional roller coaster before us. This session will clear election-related stress so we can all relax and enjoy the ride as much as we are willing. 

Fascia Session

This session works on the fascia of the body as a whole--the connective tissue that keeps us together. 

Financial Healing Session

This is the session to watch to clear your most basic financial abundance blocks. 

Focus Session

This session is designed to address focus dysregulation, as found in ADHD and brain fog. 

Foot Fascia Session

This session address foot pain and problems, particularly with the foot fascia. 

Forgiveness Session

Having trouble forgiving--your parents, your spouse, your siblings, your "friends," even yourself? This session helps you step into the freedom of FORGIVENESS. 

Frustration Session

This session is designed to clear long-standing and acute feelings of FRUSTRATION. Separate from anger, this emotion can PRESENT as anger. But it's time to let it go! 

Getting Things DONE Session

Ready to GET THINGS DONE? Break out of patterns of procrastination with this hour-long session, life-altering session.

Getting Unstuck

This session is designed for if you've put in a LOT of effort into your healing journey, and you STILL feel stuck!! Come get unstuck! 

Goodbye Judgypants!

It's time to let go of judgment--both the judgments that you are imposing on others, and the judgments others are imposing on you! Life is easier and kinder without so much JUDGING! So--GOODBYE, JUDGYPANTS! 

Grief Session

This session clears emotions of GRIEF. If you have been grieving or mourning--or if you haven't been, but know you need to--this session is for you. 

Guilt Session

Time to work on feelings of GUILT! 

Hand Fascia Session

Got hand or wrist problems? This written session easily and gently addresses and hand wrist problems of many kinds. 

Insulin Resistance Session

Dealing with insomnia, diabetes, excess weight, PCOS, or any other blood-sugar related problem? This session works out issues relating to blood sugar and insulin resistance. It is recommended to watch it multiple times and actively work through it on your end as well for best results! 

Kidney Session

This session addresses the KIDNEYS. Time to give your kidneys some LOVE! 💕💕💕

Releasing Fear of Men Session

This session will help clear your fear of men. It can also help with the aftermath of cheating and porn use in marriage. 

General Pre-Birth Trauma Session

I believe we all existed before we were born. This is one reason we come here the way we do: already bursting with unique personality! This session will clear out some of the top priority trauma all of us come here with. Prepare for major shifts! 

Healing Hopelessness

Feeling hopeless? This session is designed to clear emotions of hopelessness and retrain the mind, body and emotions to live in a hopeful state. Especially recommended for those dealing with depression. 

Healing Irritation With Children

Feeling irritated with children in your life? If you find yourself going crazy around the children in your life, or if you feel you are still dealing with emotions around being rejected by overwhelmed adults in your life when YOU were a child, this is a session for you. 

Healing from Self-Loathing

If you feel the quiet weight of self-disgust, self-anger, self-resentment, and self-loathing, this is the session to help set yourself free. You are already good enough. You deserve to live free from self-loathing. 

Healing Self Sabotage

This session raises the lower limits of your self-sabotage threshold--so you will take action to fix things BEFORE things get terrible for you. 

Healing the Upper Self Sabotage Limit

How good do you let things get before you self-destruct? This session helps you overcome the tendency toward self-destruction when things get "too good." 

Hip and Low Back Pain

This is a session for hip and low back pain. 

Healing the Trauma Cloud

If you feel like traumatic events JUST DON'T STOP COMING, this is a session for you. Healing the trauma cloud slows down the amount of trauma that comes your way all at once. 

Hydration Session

Struggle to remain hydrated? This session will help you resolve the emotional aspects of your reluctance to get enough water! 

Hyperactivity Session

This session is for anyone dealing with HYPERACTIVITY. You can watch this session first for yourself, and then on behalf of your minor child. 

Immune System Support Session

Everyone's immune system can use a little boost! This session is designed to help us heal from illness and recover overall health.

Session on Inconvenience

Do you hate inconveniencing others? And do you lose it when you yourself are inconvenienced? This session will delve deeply into the reality that YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE NEEDS, and so are the others in your life. It is safe to have needs and it is safe to be needed, and it is possible to live without fear of inconveniencing others, and without irritation when you are inconvenienced. 

Inflation Session

This session is designed to help you weather rising prices and massive inflation. 

Jealousy Session

This session helps clear our jealousy of others, and other people's jealousy of us.

Knee Pain Session

This session works on issues relating to the KNEES. If you've got knee pain, this is the session for you. 


Trouble manifesting or generating the resources you need? This is the session for you! Clear the blocks against manifestation and generation of resources! 

Manifesting Your DREAM CAR

Ready to manifest a new car?? 

Menstruation Session

This session is designed to help with menstruation issues. This is recommended for ALL women, even if they are not currently of menstruating age. 

Mold Session

Have you ever dealt with mold? Just breathing in mold spores temporarily can lead to massive chronic health issues, particularly if you are genetically predisposed.

Motivation Session

Are you ready to get unstuck? This session covers BURNOUT, fatigue, emotional paralysis, and other issues relating to motivation.  

Opening the Heart Lecture and Session

This session will OPEN YOUR HEART so you can RECEIVE all the goodness life has to offer. 

Perfectionism Session

Perfectionism is a cancer of the soul. It holds us back and tears us down. There is no redeeming value in constantly beating ourselves up because we're not perfect. Are you ready to let go of perfectionism and allow yourself to love and accept yourself, exactly as you are? 


Got potty problems in your household? This session is expressly designed for helping toddlers and those with developmental delay heal their relationship with the potty. It is also good for anyone dealing with "potty problems" of any kind. 

Reading Comprehension Session

This session is designed to support READING COMPREHENSION: the ability to understand what is read. You can do this session for yourself, and on behalf of your children. 

Rejection Sensitivity Session

Rejection Sensitivity and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria refer to a heightened sensitivity to rejection from others. If you live in chronic fear of being rejected, or assume that everyone is rejecting you, this is a good session for you. 

Releasing Fear of Living Your Dreams

This session helps you clear your fears and resistances around living your dreams! 

Releasing Resentment

It's time to release RESENTMENT. Who do you resent? Who resents YOU? Are you ready to let it all go and step into freedom from resentment?

General Shame Session

This session helps release feelings of shame.

Releasing Shame About Sharing Who You Are

Release any SHAME that is holding you back from SHARING who you are. 

Rivers of Wealth Session

Open up a FLOW of FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE with this money-centric healing session.

Clearing Self Punishment

This session clears issues relating to self-punishment. 

Setting Goals Without Support Session

Do you have goals in your life you want to accomplish... but the other people in your life seem committed to holding you back? This session sets us free from unhealthy connections and lack of support that keep us stuck and trapped in cycles where we don't reach our goals. 

Sexual Abuse Healing

This module is an energy work session for healing from sexual abuse. It is something you can watch for yourself, OR on behalf of an abused child. Clients who watch on behalf of their children have reported marked results and positive shifts in their children's mental health and wellness. 

Shoulder Session

This session is designed to help with shoulder pain. 

Sleep Session 1

is session is designed to promote better sleep, for you and for the minor children in your legal guardianship. 

Sleep Session 2

This session is designed to support healthy, restful sleep by clearing the energies around the sleeping environment––the place where you physically sleep. 

Social Contagion and Electronics Addiction Session

Are you or your children addicted to phones, TV, and screens? This session addresses both electronics addiction and social contagion.

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