Calling Back Your Personal Power

This session is all about CALLING BACK YOUR PERSONAL POWER. 

You know you have given your personal power away whenever it feels like you HAVE to do things for others, or when you feel like you have no choices, or when you feel controlled or like your emotions don’t matter.

If you struggle with appropriate boundaries, a lot of times that is because of issues with your own personal power. 

What lost personal power feels like: 

  • No or insufficient boundaries
  • Getting walked on
  • Not feeling like “yourself”
  • Feeling “lost” 
  • Not sure what you’re doing in life
  • Feeling like everything in your life is beyond your control
  • Feeling like you have to submit to other people’s needs and wants and desires ahead of your own

What regained personal power feels like: 

  • Feeling completely in charge of what you are doing
  • Taking responsibility for ALL of your choices
  • Being able to say NO and YES when you want to
  • Living without guilt and shame
  • Feeling solidly associated with your own body
  • Inner knowingness of Self

The goal with this session is to FREE your personal power from wherever it has ended up, and call it back to YOU. The time is NOW to step into YOUR POWER and be who you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do. 

You do not owe anyone else your personal power. 

You always have the power to choose. 

You are responsible for YOURSELF and not other people. You are responsible for YOUR OWN POWER and no one else is responsible for that. 

It is time to call it back!

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